Richard Gannaway has been in music professionally throughout his adult life; as a recording artist, composer and producer. He grew up in St. Louis, and began touring as a preforming artist in 1974, then moved to Los Angeles as a composer in 1986. In the early nineties, he co-founded the rock group, Tiger & the Helix with Andy Georges, producing the album ‘Peace Face’ on his small indie label, Arcturian Gate. After touring the group internationally for a number of years, Richard founded the world music project, AO MUSIC (also known as AO). The group’s sound is pan-cultural, internationally acclaimed, and co-produced by legendary keyboardist, Jay Oliver and the renowned voice of ‘Adiemus’, Miriam Stockley. The productions are extraordinarily rhythmic and cinematic—unique for a universal palette of texture and ethnic influence. AO MUSIC is 100% non-profit through AO Foundation International, founded by Richard and Maya Christobel in 2012.

AO MUSIC album releases have charted in the top ten internationally, and their 2011 release “…and Love Rages On!” and 2017 release “Asha” was voted Best World Album by Zone Music Reporter’s international community of radio broadcasters. The group was also invited by the Beijing Olympic Committee to compose theme music for the 2008 Summer Olympiad.

Richard travels the globe extensively, expanding the vision of AO MUSIC, scheduled for their sixth album release in Spring 2019.



“Since the AO MUSIC project began in 1996, I began keeping a steady journal to help myself authenticate the vision and message of AO MUSIC. I’ve distilled those pages into three books that illustrate how the components of beauty (music, color, form and movement) convey nature’s most fundamental message—unity, which is the driving principle behind everything we do.”



“in the mid nineties I began creating images with sacred geometry as a way to understand it in more depth. Sacred geometry draws us into a whole universe of harmonic balance and symmetry. Nesting the shapes with fractal blooms perfectly models the illusion of randomness in nature, and opens a world of discovery. The primary influence behind the message of AO MUSIC is universal coherence. For that reason, I’ve often used sacred geometry, nested with fractals as album artwork. The Flower of Life grid and the Golden Spiral are used extensively, and no matter how complex the image, the FOL pattern connects everything in an eloquent harmonic structure. Since the release of AO MUSIC‘s ‘Grow Wild’ CD in 2000, I have received numerous requests for larger renderings in fine art format.

I live with my wife and three children in the mountains of Asheville, NC.

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